Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summit and Expo

2015 Poster Presentations

Tuesday August 25th, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Accepted Presenting Posters Include:

Ag & Food Processing
  1. Extension of supercooled state in beef steak using pulsed electric fields and oscillating magnetic fields as a novel preservation technique.
    Soojin Jun, Timothy Shafel, ChangJoo Lee, Sung Hee Park, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
Ag Innovation - General
  1. High Density Urban Aeroponics
    Scott Lowe, Manhattan College, US
Bio Energy
  1. The Properties and Optimum Torrefaction Conditions of Different Waste Biomass Residuals to Biofuels
    Jyh-Cherng Chen, HungKuang University, TW
  2. Suitable Operation of an Energy Generation System with Methane Fermentation
    Otake Masatoshi, Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, JP
  3. Comparative assessment of modern bioenergy potential in Thailand and Kenya
    Emmanuel Kofi Ackom, Technical University Denmark (DTU), DK
Buildings & Efficiency
  1. Managing Plug-Load Energy Consumption for Savings and Efficiency
    Michael Pfeffer, Kevin Hause, Ibis Networks, US
  2. The Worldwide use of CO2 Refrigerating Systems for Energy Efficient Cooling and Heating.
    Klaas Visser, KAV Consulting Pty Ltd, AU
Climate Adaptation and Resilience
  1. Adaptation and planning strategies to mitigate the impact of climate change induced sea level rise, flooding and erosion at selected Defence sites
    Allan Klindworth, Byrnes Yamashita, AECOM, US
Energy Storage
  1. A Shining Example: Results from the HECO-Stem Advanced Storage Deployment
    Tad Glauthier, Stem Inc., US
  2. Advanced Cathode Design for High-Performance Li-Air Battery
    Yun Wang, University of California, Irvine, US
  3. Interface engineered Si-CNT anodes for high-capacity lithium battery
    YuHuang Wang, University of Maryland, US
  4. Ruggedized High-Power and High-Efficiency Ultracapacitor Module for Electrical Power Supply Integration in Tactical and Non-Tactical Electric Vehicles and Electric Weapons
    Nicolo Brambilla, Fabrizio Martini, FastCAP Systems Corp., US
Environmental impacts
  1. Benefits and Application of the Hawaii Clean Energy PEIS
    Joe Rivers, Cameron Black, New West Technologies, US
Grid Security
  1. All-Hazards Agile Defense and Protection
    Rita Foster, Idaho National Laboratory, US
Hydroponic Innovation
  1. Sustainable Human Resources
    Patrick Park, Gerald Garrison, Green Applied Sciences, US
Industrial Ecology
  1. Proposed Industrial Symbiosis Options for Small Island Developing States: The Case of Fiji
    Adrianna Poutsma, The University of Queensland, AU
Island Resiliency - General
  1. The Water Footprint of Tourism. the Case of Independent Islands
    Jesús Rosales Carreón, Utrecht University, NL
  2. Plan for Reshaping Ulleungdo Into a Green Island
    Hyun-Goo Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR
Micro Grids
  1. Mission Critical Microgrids
    Justin Jurek, Piller USA, Inc, US
  2. Strategies for Large-Scale Microgrids and Distributed Energy
    Byron Washom, Kevin Meagher, Laura Manz, Oliver Pacific & Gary Leatherman, Power Analytics, US
  3. Fossil Fuel Free Palmyra
    Jacob Freeman, Hans Harder, David Sellers, CDF Engineering LLC, US
  4. Parallel operation technique for the stand-alone photovoltaic inverter
    J. M. Kwon, B. H. Kwon, Hanbat Nat. Univ, KR
  5. Optimizing the Design of Hybrid Renewable Microgrids with the HOMER Software
    Peter Lilienthal, HOMER Energy, US
OTEC & Marine Energy
  1. Lessons from Operating the 105 Kilowatt OTEC Turbine-Generator
    Pat Grandelli, Michael Eldred, Duke Hartman, Makai Ocean Engineering, inc., US
  2. Performance and Mooring Analysis of Floating Ducted Horizontal Axis Tidal Current Power System
    Chulhee Jo, Inha University, KR
Renewable Energy Policy
  1. Study on the development process of renewable energy policy in Hawaii
    Sunwoo Kang, Keio University, JP
Renewable Power
  1. Wireless Charger Characterization
    Yun Wang, University of California, Irvine, US
  2. Economic assessments of LFAC and HVDC transmissions for large offshore wind farms
    Taesik Park, Nohong Kwak, MoonChae-Joo, Seongchul Kwan, Seungtae Cha, Mokpo National University, KR
  3. High Penetration Renewables, Why Curtailment Should Be A Legacy Of The Past
    Kord Christianson, TDX Power, US
  4. DREAMS Development for Real-time Grid Operations
    Lauren Gouveia, Hawaiian Electric Company, US
  5. Challenges to the Greater Penetration of Solar Generation
    Carlos Chacon, S&C Electric Company, US
  6. New-Renewable Energy Resource Map of South Korea
    Hyun-Goo Kim, Yong-Heack Kang, Chang-Yeol Yun, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR
  7. Wind Load Analaysis On A CSP Plant in South Korea
    Hyun-Goo Kim, Yong-Heack Kang, Chang-Yeol Yun, Wan-Ho Jeon, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR
  8. Aerodynamic Design of a Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) Blade Based on an Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) Generator
    Wei-Cheng Wang, National Cheng Kung University, TW
  9. Bamboo to Power, a Sustainable Way to Generate Electricity for Rural/Small Island Communities
    Jaya Wahono, Clean Power Indonesia, ID
  10. Design and Performance Test of Water Jetting System in Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Applicable to Soft Ground
    Doyoub Kim, Inha University, KR
  11. A Low Cost Method to Manufacture Polymer Nanostructures
    Brandon Carpenter, Jonathan Wachob, Feynmann Nano, US
  12. Balanced Solution for Hawaiian Resilience Innovation
    Andy Zalay, PNE Wind USA, Inc., US
  13. Recent Findings from the Hawaii RPS Study
    Derek Stenclik (GE), Harjeet Johal (GE), John Cole (HNEI), Richard Rocheleau (HNEI), GE Energy Consulting, US
  14. Pu‘u, Pueo, and Aloha: Secrets to Success in Permitting Renewable Energy Projects in Hawaii
    Leslie McClain, Leilani Pulmano, Alicia Oller, Tetra Tech, US
  15. Modular Mobile Bio-power for Islands & Military Bases
    Roger Swenson, Clean Development International, US
Thermal Energy Utilization
  1. JP8 Engine-Driven Micro-CHP
    Ed Vineyard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
  2. Innovative Thermal Layer to Control Heat Flow Direction
    Yun Wang, University of California, Irvine, US
Waste & Waste Power
  1. Distributed, Modular Bio-based Energy Production
    Zia Abdullah, Battelle, US
  2. Solar Updraft Tower Using Compost Waste Heat
    Kevin R. Anderson, Solar Thermal Alternative Renewable Energy Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona, US

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