Carissa VanderMey

Program Manager, Energy Security

Sandia National Laboratories

Carissa VanderMey currently serves as Program Manager for Energy Security within Sandia National Laboratories.  Since joining Sandia, she has worked with Departments of Energy and Defense (DOE/DoD) on several energy security and resiliency efforts including the assessment and conceptual design for former Naval site at Barbers Point in Kalaeloa, HI.  In this role, she has led several infrastructure analysis projects along with the development of a cyber security White Paper for NNSA’s National Nuclear Deterrence program.

Prior to joining Sandia, Ms. VanderMey held the position of Director in the U.S. DOE’s Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration Division.  As a Director, Ms. VanderMey supported the mission of enhancing the security (physical and cyber) and reliability of the energy infrastructure by leveraging DOE’s energy infrastructure security expertise; working with strategic international and domestic partners and other government agencies to improve the reliability, survivability and resiliency of energy infrastructure.  Throughout her ten years at the department, Ms. VanderMey was a member of the Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection steering group and DOE’s lead representative in support of the National Security Council’s goal to enhance global energy security.  In addition, she served as the lead for DOE’s Energy Advisor Program and the implementation of the DOE/DoD MOU. 

While serving as the Director, Ms. VanderMey continuously worked across the federal government on development of the Critical Dependencies Initiative; an initiative to identify and assess critical infrastructure dependencies across the sectors in order to enhance the overall security and resilience of U.S. energy supplies.  Finally, she severed as a key member of the White House Committee for Maritime Transportation Security and was instrumental in helping the U.S. government develop the National Maritime Transportation Security Strategic Plan. 

Prior to serving in the federal government, Ms. VanderMey served as an officer within the U.S. Coast Guard.  In 1998, she graduated from Officer Candidate School and was stationed in West Virginia where she was the Assistant Chief of Port Operations and the Chief of the Contingency Planning Department.  Additionally, she qualified and served as a facility inspector, and pollution and disaster responder.  Following her tour of duty in West Virginia, Ms. VanderMey was stationed in New York City where she held the position of Assistant Senior Investigating Officer (ASIO).  As the ASIO, she not only supervised the unit’s environmental and disaster response efforts, but she also directed all marine casualty investigations.  In addition to serving as the ASIO, she also held the position of Command Duty Officer, running the command’s operations center and managing all aspects of their coordination with other Federal, State and local agencies.  Ms. VanderMey finished her Coast Guard career in Yorktown, VA where she was a certified instructor.  In this capacity, Ms. VanderMey provided instruction and curriculum development in Contingency Planning, Exercise Development, Port Security, Command and Control as well as NIMS/ICS for international military officers and senior level staff from the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and DoD. 

Ms. VanderMey holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Washington State University.